Furniture Surfaces, Worktops, Finish Foils, Edge Banding, Flooring, Compact Boards and Plywood 

Paper treatment plays a primary role in the Wood-Based Panel Industry.
At Tocchio, we know how to impregnate, dry and coat all kind of papers and, for decades, we make our know-how available to paper transformers and panel manufacturers worldwide, by supplying complete impregnation and coating lines and turnkey solutions.



We have a wide experience and we well know how to manufacture HPL, LPL, CPL, Finish Foils, Edge Banding, Laminate Flooring, Compact Boards and Plywood panels. We have been suppliers and partner for decades to the most important manufacturers of these products and our impregnation and coating lines are daily utilized all around the world.

Knowledge and experience are a must to design and manufacture efficient and well-performing impregnation and coating lines for the WBPI.

At Tocchio, we know how to do it!