Competence and Carefulness

The drying process is a unitary operation in which liquids are separated from solid particles by means of evaporation. According to the heat transfer method adopted, the operation can be realized in different modalities: direct drying - gas flow drying and absorption drying.
In the wood-based panel industry, gas flow drying is the most common technique and the gas utilized is normally air, which is heated in ovens and so put in contact with impregnated paper.



The so-called drying tunnel, made up by several ovens, varies in its length according to drying criteria and parameters. The impregnated paper soaks through the drying tunnel as it is held by air jets that are orientated to carry the paper through. The paper travels through quickly and air temperature is carefully controlled to dry the resin but not to cause too much curing (polymerization). We also manufacture and offer Infrared Ovens.