Splicers & Cutters

Rotary Cutters

Central Slitters

Edge Trimmers

We produce automatic splicing and cutting machines in various sizes and configurations, suitable for different applications and materials.

We design and manufacture automatic rotary cutters in different sizes and configurations, to cut impregnated papers as well as other materials.

Our optional central slitting units are designed to automatically cut the paper web (as well as other materials) through the center line.

Our edge trimming devices are designed to trim paper and other materials on both sides of the web. They are available in different configurations.





Some of the main characteristics:

  • Automatic recognition of new reel diameter
  • Toothed knife, driven by high-speed mechanism
  • Rubber pinch roller to improve splicing operation

Some of the main characteristics:

  • Top rotating knife, driven by precision gear box and motor
  • Bottom knife pneumatically positionable
  • Paper squaring adjustment
  • Adjustable cutting speed

Some of the main characteristics:

  • Circular knife and counter knife, driven by motor gear
  • Chrome motorized and idle rollers

Some of the main characteristics:

  • Continuous cutting through circular knife, driven by motor gear
  • Adjustable trimming position
  • Individual and simultaneous trimmer closing and opening operations