Energy Saving and Environment Protection

The new EPES (Environment Protection Energy Saving) System can be installed on any impregnation line and enables the user to reduce the quantity of energy needed to provide optimal paper drying parameters and conditions.

Cost saving is, therefore a consequence of energy usage reduction, while an indirect but not less important benefit is the lower environmental impact the system allows.

The system is based on an “automatic setting” principle, that enables the user to initially set specific parameters for different type of productions thus, instructing the plant controlling station to automatically adjust the air extraction process according to the specific product parameters.

While the energy cost saving does not correspond to a fix value and varies according to types of production and local environmental conditions, feedback from customers confirms that an annual energy saving up to 30% is achievable.

This innovative solution by Tocchio consists of hardware and software, while the most important part is the experience, knowledge and technical consultancy Tocchio’s engineers bring and share with customers to reach the most efficient solution to the specific need.

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