Standard and tailor-made solutions

For decades we design and manufacture high-performance standard and tailor-made impregnation and coating lines, all characterized by easy handling and versatility to treat different materials. Full automation and high-speed solutions are available for specific applications. As far as heating sources are concerned we provide dryer systems operating with methane gas, thermal oil and steam or superheated water.
According to different customer needs, we supply complete lines high productions and small production lots as well as pilot lines to test new products.
Each complete line we design includes HANDLING and CUTTING machines, SURFACE and THERMAL TREATMENT stations, AUTOMATION, DETECTION and SOFTWARE solutions according to specific customers needs.

An example of standard impregnation line

The skill and competence available in our R&D department allow us to provide our customers with state of the art solutions in terms of mechanical, electronic and software applications, all supported by experienced chemists and technologists.
All our units and assemblies include protection systems and safety devices as per EC standards, as well as automatic control systems. Extreme care to details, thorough testing and quality controls grant accuracy and constant reliability to all our products.

Plant type Production Output Production Speed Paper Width
SMART HPL, Wood Based Panels Up to   30 m/min Up to 1.400 mm
COMBI HPL, CPL, Wood Based Panels Up to 100 m/min Up to 2.300 mm
HIGH SPEED Melamine HPL, CPL, Wood Based Panels Up to 120 m/min Up to 2.300 mm
HIGH SPEED Phenol HPL Up to 300 m/min Min.  1.400 mm
Max. 3.200 mm
MASKING TAPE Masking or Adhesive Tape Up to 300 m/min Min.  1.500 mm
Max. 3.100 mm
FILTER PAPER Filter Paper Up to 300 m/min Min.  1.400 mm
Max. 2.300 mm

*Other paper widths available on request

In addition to impregnation and coating lines for kraft, dècor and overlay paper for the furniture and building industries, we also design and manufacture complete lines for:

  • Filter paper
  • Masking and adhesive tapes
  • Synthetic fibres
  • Cellulose based materials
  • Metal and special films

Each impregnation and coating line is dimensioned according to specific customer's needs. However, some of the main specifications of our paper treatment lines include:

  • Rough Paper Weight: from 25 to 200 gr/sqm
  • Final Paper Weight: from 50 to 350 gr/sqm
  • Paper Web Width: from 800 to 2.800 mm
  • Finished treated paper available in reels or stacked sheets