Camera System

Scanning System

Supervision Software

The system allows an automatic dimensional measurement of the impregnated paper sheet by means of high-resolution cameras and software. The system detects printed marks and captures the dimensions of the impregnated sheet verifying if measures are within requested tolerances.

This Automatic Quality Control System measures paper weight and moisture. Parameters are continuously controlled on the processing range by traversing sensors. The system is modular and can be extended to include additional sensors, control loops and management information.

The supervision software system identifies impregnation and coating line's functionalities and anomalies. It also includes special features dedicated to remote diagnosis for maintenance interventions (teleservice) and the status control of key components.




Some of the main characteristics:

  • Two or four high-resolution cameras
  • Laser encoder for speed measurement
  • Customized software

Some of the main characteristics:

  • Up to 6 measuring frames
  • PC and Electronic Panel
  • Air-Circulation Fan
  • Customized Software

Some of the main characteristics:

  • Industrial PC and Siemens WINCC 7.0 software
  • Operator panels connection to PLC by PROFINET
  • Supervision System for data exchange
  • External data acquisition