Drying Tunnels

Cooling Stations

Drying tunnels are composed of the single drying sections variable in dimension and number according to the specific application requirements. An adequate component to the above is hot air curtain installed at the inlet of tunnels. We project system for heating sources including methane gas, thermal oil, steam and high pressure hot water. As an option, we also offer infrared ovens.

Cooling units are designed for the final cooling of the paper web and also to pull the paper through the dryer, maintaining constant tension during the process. Paper cools through a loop around two cylinders running at a controlled temperature. The units also house the threading chain gear motor.



Some of the main characteristics:

  • Connected flat top and bottom plenum with nozzles
  • Threading chains and guides to thread and pull the paper along the tunnel
  • Sliding doors for inspection and cleaning
  • Air filtering system
  • High efficiency insulating panels
  • Central exhaust air fan 

Some of the main characteristics:

  • Chromed doubled-walled cooling rollers
  • Cooling rollers are driven by gear motors.
  • Pneumatic pinch rollers to hold the paper in position
  • Threading chain and gear motor driving the chain
  • IR thermometers