Always by your side

The closeness and collaboration with our customers allow us to continue developing new ideas and projects according to the latest market trends.
We know very well the impregnation, coating and drying processes and we can, therefore suggest the best solution and deliver the right product to any customer need. Thanks to our experience, we have developed our own know-how for the preparation of melamine, urea and phenol resins to treat any kind of paper. We work in strict collaboration with our customers and partners and we can supply specific resin recipes, including special additives for high abrasion, scratch and wear resistance.



We supply high-tech solutions for the whole production process and according to customer specific requirements. We have developed and implemented energy saving systems and can adapt these to any type of impregnation and coating plant.
As your experienced partner, we offer all our knowledge and experience to meet or exceed your production needs.
Pre-sale consultancy and after-sale support are our specialties. A satisfied customer worths more than tons of adverts!